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Metal Shredder Parts

The metal crusher parts we provide mainly include: metal shredder hammer, metal shredder grille, metal shredder pin protector and metal shredder liners.
Main Features of Metal Shredder Hammers
1. Using external refining technology to effectively reduce the harmful elements, impurities and oxygen and hydrogen hazards, greatly improving the wear resistance and impact toughness of steel.
2. Using a proprietary modifier to modify the fine grains, improve the morphology and distribution of carbides, and improve wear resistance and toughness.
3. Optimize the heat treatment process to make the product have uniform hardness and the impact wear resistance becomes stronger.
Compared with the general market products, our metal shredder grates have smooth surface, accurate dimensions , high wear resistance and longer life.
Wuchuan Machinery Advantages:
- Stable and Superior Performance, long life time and low consumption match other OEM suppliers;
- Much more competitive price giving customers the lowest replacement cost per ton;
- Rich experience of supplying for steel industry, allows us to well understand clients’ requirement promptly and accurately;
- Superior service to ensure customer have good experience for the use of products.
Wuchuan Machinery is China's leading manufacturers and suppliers of various metal shredder parts. You can buy the best quality metal shredder parts for sale with reasonable price from here.