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Impact Crusher Parts

The impact crusher is one of the most widely used crushers. The impact crusher parts are an important part of the impact crusher and need to be replaced on schedule; it is also known as the impact crusher in the industry. The wearing parts of the impact crusher include a counter-shock blow bottle, a counter-breaking liner, a counter-attack liner, etc. The fittings are all cast or forged from high-manganese steel, high-chromium, high-strength composite and other wear-resistant materials.
The counter-attack liner is an important vulnerable piece of the impact crusher. The wear resistance of the liner is reduced after wear and aging, which often causes the liner to be shot down, and the sealer performance of the crusher is reduced to produce larger dust. After opening the upper frame, remove the split pin, slotted nut and bolt for fixing the counter-backing lining, and replace the worn counter-backing lining. If you install a new counter lining, reverse the above steps.
Blowing bars are made of high-chromium alloy material and the latest manufacturing technology. The unique structural design, the finished product is cubic, no tension and crack, the grain shape is quite good; it is a reliable high wear-resistant casting. When the hammer is worn to a certain extent, it should be adjusted or replaced in time to avoid damage to the fasteners and other components.
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