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Gyratory Crusher Parts

As the Crusher Concave Liners and Mantle Wear out there is a period when the crusher won't be as efficient as it could be.This can be a very frustrating period for the operators. Since the throughput drops and operators have to work harder, usually doing the same thing over and over again. Unfortunately to get the most from the equipment requires that there is one hundred percent wear on the parts before they are replaced.
We mainly provide you with two kinds of gyratory crusher parts:Gyratory Crusher Mantles & Gyratory Crusher Concave Liner.
The Gyratory Crusher Mantle which is the movable working surface, is pivoted at its top within a spider bearing under the cap of the spider arm assembly while the bottom is gyrated within an eccentric bushing which ispowered by the drive assembly. As the crown gear is turned the mantle is revolved in a circle. To complete the crushing action the centre of the top of the mantle is brought back to the centre of the crown gear and is pivoted in the spider bearing under the spider arm cap . Because the top of the mantle is pivoted the action at the top of the mantle is very little.
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